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Employee Development

Research shows that the failure rate of external candidates is significantly greater than that of internal candidates. This means that your current high performers should be the first place you look for promotable talent.

Unfortunately, not all high performers in their current role are high potentials for the next level. That is where psychological assessment can assist employers to determine an individual’s readiness for promotion.

By identifying capability gaps employers may target areas for development, define career paths and establish career progression plans to make the transition of internal staff to positions of greater responsibility easier, faster and more effective.

Managers will typically utilise psychological assessment to:

  • Inventory an organisation’s talent and potential
  • Identify high-potential individuals for development opportunities
  • Distinguish between employees of seemingly equal potential and motivation to accept additional responsibility
  • Design individual development plans based on identified strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Assess possible reasons for poor performance and take remedial action
  • Psychological assessment should form a part of your organisation’s program to deliver a sustainable pipeline of promotable internal talent.

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