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Recruitment and Promotion

Hiring or promoting the right people can provide a substantial and lasting return on investment while the effect of a mistake is compounded when the wrong candidate not only underperforms but also adversely impacts colleagues, customers and business potential.

Psychological assessment provides employers with insight into the strengths and potential risks posed by each applicant so that you can make confident hiring or promotion decisions. We ensure that you receive objective and commercially relevant information regarding an individual’s fit for a role. We will also advise you on issues to explore at interview and through reference checking and we assist with information on how to effectively manage and develop new hires on-the-job.

Benefits for employers

Psychological assessment will increase your chances of making sound recruitment or promotion decisions, which will ultimately save you money.

Some of the benefits that your organisation may realise by implementing an effective employee testing solution include:

  • Decreasing the number of poor and expensive recruitment decisions.
  • Reducing employee turnover rates
  • Boosting workplace safety, and
  • Improving individual and team productivity.
  • Employees whose personalities and abilities are the right fit for a job, a team and an organisation’s culture will contribute more to your bottom line, now and in the future.

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