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Assessment for Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment industry experience

Fenchurch psychologists have worked in the recruitment industry for many years and our key point of difference is our experience supporting Recruitment Consultants to make placements.

We do this by adopting a risk management approach to assessment where, unless a project demands otherwise, we avoid questions of “pass or fail”, “suitable or unsuitable” and focus on identifying a candidate’s strengths. We also recommend how potential deficits might be managed so that employers can make use of the knowledge, skills and experience that a candidate could bring to a role. This approach is particularly effective in a candidate-short market and when dealing with hard-to-fill positions.


Fenchurch encourages Referral and Reseller partnerships which can benefit both parties.

Referral Partners introduce Fenchurch to their customers and earn a percentage of the revenues for referred accounts.

Reseller Partners typically integrate Fenchurch psychological assessments into their overall service offering. Reseller Partners engage Fenchurch at a discount to conduct psychological assessments and resell the service to their clients.

Partners can be provided with marketing material and product training to prepare them to promote Fenchurch within their customer base.

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