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Assessment is a four step process aimed at providing you with timely and detailed information to progress your hiring, promotion, development or performance management decisions.


In Step 1 our aim is to understand your business and define the information that you require from an assessment. We may liaise with SME’s in your organisation to identify the duties and outputs of a role, the environment in which it operates and the characteristics and capabilities that an incumbent must display to be successful.

This allows us to recommend the test(s) that will be most effective in responding to the reason(s) for assessment.

It is more common these days for candidates to be assessed online at a time and in a place that is most suitable to them, thus ensuring the greatest number can participate in the selection process. Alternatively, psychological assessments can be conducted at a client’s premises to assess local or internal candidates.

To conclude any assessment, a validation interview is conducted either face-to-face with the participant or more often via an online questionnaire to gather additional information about an individual’s background and motivation, which contributes to a full and fair interpretation of the assessment data.

The format of the reporting for each role or participant can be discussed and agreed upon prior to assessment. Reporting may involve a written report or summary of data and/or a discussion between Fenchurch psychologists and the client organisation’s decision-makers. Depending on the complexity of reporting required by the client, feedback may include the following:

• An integrated summary of all assessment results, with interpretation of the likely performance of participants in the specific functions of the job or with reference to the organisation’s competency framework.

• A general outline of the strengths and potential risks that each candidate might represent.

• Information regarding approaches to address retention, development or management strategies to obtain optimum on-the-job performance.

• Questions for follow-up through interview or reference checking.

Written reports are typically provided within 24-48 hours. Verbal feedback to stakeholders can be provided within 24 hours of a participant completing the assessment tests.

Generic software generated reports, generally reserved for lower impact roles and for volume assessments, can be delivered virtually as soon as a candidate completes an assessment.

Fenchurch psychologists abide by code of professional conduct which ensures test-takers are treated with respect. Providing participants with the opportunity to receive feedback on their assessment results contributes to your employer brand amongst unsuccessful candidates.

Successful candidates or employees will also gain greater insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, which may assist their performance and development on the job.

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