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The following represent a range of tests that are recommended when investing in senior positions or where greater risk is associated with the selection decision.

The various ability tests are designed to identify people who have the intellectual capabilities necessary for managerial or executive roles in a wide range of organisations. These tests are used when higher levels of problem solving ability, verbal fluency, aptitude for numerical analysis, and strategic thinking are valued.

A Motivation & Values test will identify where employees are likely to gain most satisfaction, feel most engaged and make the greatest contribution at work

An Emotional Intelligence test determines how effectively candidates will perceive, identify, learn from and manage their own emotions and those of others, contributing to effective social interactions.

Personality assessment will provide insight into such things as leadership and influencing style, work preferences and motivators. Specific traits may include stress tolerance, teamwork, adaptability and change orientation, confidence, diligence and ethical behaviour.

Job RequirementType of Test
Assimilate complex training; solve difficult problems effectively.Abstract Reasoning
Communicate effectivelyVerbal Reasoning
Perform accurate numerical calculations.Numerical Reasoning
Draw accurate, logical conclusions from complex documents or complicated or ambiguous discussions to inform decisions and plans.Verbal Critical Reasoning
Evaluate data and draw accurate, logical conclusions from complex numerical information to inform decisions and plans.Numerical Critical Reasoning
Demonstrate loyalty, initiative, interest and enthusiasmMotivation
Facilitate and engage in effective workplace social interactionsEmotional Intelligence
Display the attitudes and behaviour valued by the organisationPersonality
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