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Recruitment Solutions

Fenchurch has partnered with MyKey People to deliver a quality permanent recruitment solution to your business’s talent acquisition needs.

MyKey People differs from its competitors by utilising the Select PlusTM recruitment methodology, which is a customised, risk management approach to attracting and selecting the best available candidate for any role.

Based on a unique understanding of the job domain and targeting behaviours leading to successful job performance, the Select PlusTM approach ensures that employers can make fully informed hiring decisions. Particularly important when recruiting for hard to fill roles, Select PlusTM identifies candidates’ strengths and the potential deficits that might need to be managed in order to make the most of the available talent pool.

If you have any recruitment requirements or would simply like to discuss your staffing situation, please contact Grant Ly or Helen Kyriakou, Directors of MyKey People, on 1300 833 383 or visit www.mykeypeople.com.au

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