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Selection Training for Recruitment Consultants

The recruitment services industry is a competitive one with over 3000 recruitment agencies currently registered in Australia. With few restrictions on entry into the industry, players may range in size from kitchen table operations to national and multi-national organisations.

This results in recruiters and recruitment companies that vary widely in their experience, technology, quality of service and price. However, if one were to assume that all of these things were equal, how might you still expect to stand out from the 15,000 recruitment consultants already operating within a crowded marketplace?

One area of differentiation that is rarely exploited involves an organisation’s recruitment methodology, which is the underlying rationale and associated practices used to attract, select and place suitable candidates.

Designed by organisational psychologists with many years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Select PlusTM is a new methodology that offers a coherent conceptual underpinning for engaging in a risk management approach to recruitment. It is defined by its unique concept of recruitment which ties together the elements of the recruitment process within a unifying rationale that is rarely expressed by recruiters.

It provides a new way to think about each step in the recruitment process, the actions taken as a consequence of this thinking and the language used to describe the recruitment process to clients.

From a business development perspective, these features can assist consultants in initiating contact with existing or prospective clients and allow for deeper discussions on the value of recruitment and selection services.

Select PlusTM has been demonstrated to deliver tangible results for consultants and positive recruitment outcomes for clients. Recommended for experienced Recruitment Consultants, Select PlusTM will assist you to differentiate your services from those of your competitors.

Selection Training for Hiring Managers

Selecting the right people is critical to the success of every organisation but poor recruitment choices are not uncommon. Australian research shows that nearly one in three managers has regretted a hiring decision they have made.

Fenchurch can assist managers less familiar with selection practices to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make confident and reliable recruitment choices. Our “Essentials for Hiring Managers” training program provides an effective and defensible approach to the selection process.

Fenchurch delivers practical training that is readily translated into the workplace. Participants learn how to evaluate candidates by leveraging a recruitment methodology that is easy to understand and which moves you away from unreliable gut feelings, unsubstantiated biases and stock questions.

“Essentials for Hiring Managers”

  • A one day program delivered on site
  • Provides practical skills that are easy to use
  • Based on a unique, risk management approach to recruitment and selection
  • Delivered by experts in assessment and selection

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